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Introduction: Does HACCP need to be a trend or a practice?
By Charbel Youssef | 18.03.2012

HACCP is defined by the Codex Alimentarius as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, and is the process of identifying any hazard and putting control points to minimize or eliminate its risk.

The war on pathogens is now a world war where governments unions and civic organization are putting substantial efforts to win and this fightreached the doorsteps our country.

HACCP is designed to minimize our wastage and loss. It is our plan,strategy and tactics that we must stick to in our quest to produce qualityand safety for our food. We will never exterminate the pathogens or drive them to extinction. They will always be present in our food, air water, and on our beloved ones.

HACCP helps us keep these diligent enemies under control by putting them in their uncomfortable zone; in other words “driving them crazy”.

HACCP should never go as trend or be implemented over short or discontinued periods of time because our invisible enemies just need as little as 4 hours to regain all their strength and power.

In future articles we will get a more personal approach on HACCP and the ways to implement it in our kitchens or even homes.

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