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AllRestaurants: An Online International Culinary Reference
By AllRestaurants | 23.08.2012

AllRestaurants is a project based in Poland, aiming to reinforce internationally the food and beverage business by providing its memebers and users with online exposure and facilitating communication between people in the culinary world. They provide efficient advertising, a world wide range of cuisine gateways, job opportunities, a touristic guide, etc... to name the least. Here is why you need to take part and benefit:

  1. The website supports Nine languages : French, English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Turkish, Chainese, Russian and Polish.
  2. The Website covers all world’s nations and cities.
  3. A section for restaurant advertisements.
  4. A section for restaurant providers’ advertisements.
  5. A world cooks’ club directly connected with cooks’ labour unions.
  6. A section for the job hunters and head hunters in the food industry.
  7. A page for restaurant realties.
  8. A section for AllRestaurant Magazine issues, in the countries where it has been published, with a unified design template.
  9. Google Map service for every advertisement of restaurants to show the direction and the place of restaurant on map.
  10. All necessary interfaces, data management programs, report generator, bill generators, accounting programs, and local and international payment and subscription mechanisms.

The needs for the website :

  1. AllRestaurants is a link between restaurants and food companies in an environment of fierce competition, and lack of communication between the owners and service providers both locally and globally. In addition, there is a lack of a globally uniting formula that keeps restaurant owners updated with new resources, decorations, techniques, tools and equipment in the field.
  2. AllRestaurants website facilitates communication between restaurant owners and cooks and helps locate culinary experts and food specialists.
  3. The difference between resources and recent technologies used in restaurants requires the introduction of good and competitive resources, which in turn provide restaurants with raw materials and new techniques needed for update and development and to make successful revenues in restaurants.
  4. The decline and shrinkage of the job market internationally has called for a way to expand and spread the job market and supply all restaurants, whether locally or internationally, with competent staff. Therefore, the website seeks to provide job opportunities for those who work in food companies and restaurants.
  5. The website fulfils the need to provide a global tourist guide to direct restaurant goers all over the world and notify them with the recent updates about restaurants, clubs, cafés and other places visited by tourists to have food on the basis of geographical areas.

    Website Objectives:
  1. To Archive information about all restaurants and food companies worldwide through subscriber advertisements.
  2. To offer, as a tourist guide affiliated with travel agents and major service providers worldwide, services to consumers, restaurant owners, cooks, and companies.
  3. To include and offer to users all restaurant-related services like: commodities, companies’ information, advertisements, workforce, and restaurant realties.
  4. To educate and develop all workers in the restaurant industry through educational files and emails, as well as news.
  5. To publicize, advertise and develop restaurants.
  6. To publicize and give a special interest to the geographical distribution of restaurants in each country.
  7. To supply restaurant owners and cooks with the latest electronic references and emails about the food industry, décor, costs, accounting, and news.
  8. To expand and spread the job market and to supply the required competent staff for each restaurant whether locally or internationally.
  9. To create a minimal knowledge for subscribers about the profitability, technical, food, and health processes in restaurant projects.


The benefits of Registering and advertising with AllRestaurants :

  1. Saves restaurant owners the costs of building and managing their own websites.
  2. Helps in posting your restaurant advertisement on online search engines and gives the restaurant a priority in search results, the thing that contributes to the introduction of the restaurant to locals, customers, companies and tourists by linking the website directly with internet search engines.
  3. Presents the restaurant appropriately through a large advertisement with text and six pictures.
  4. Enables restaurant owners to enjoy the advantages of the membership such as communicating with other members, companies, restaurants and cooks, as well as placing job ads and restaurant rental ads for competitive prices.
  5. Allows members to control and directly modify their placed advertisement (both the text and the photos).
  6. Registration and advertising on AllRestaurants gives a possibility to place multiple ads in different sections of the pagewith a single registered accountEach new ad from the same account can be entered with other data (name, address, telephone, email, web ...).

    This solution helps companies and restaurants, which have many branches to place ads of all branches and easier to control, change the ad, adding new information, the exemption or extension of advertising at any time from oneaccount.

  7. allows members to receive educational emails about restaurants and new techniques.
  8. Global popularity and international advertising are guaranteed through the Nine languages that the website offers (French, English, Arabic , Spanish, German, Turkish, Chainese, Russian and Polish).
  9. It is easy to use and search the website by: cuisine category, restaurant name, website sections, country, and city, which helps in adapting the website as a main guide to restaurants and tourists.
  10. The nominal annual fees for registration and advertisement with AllRestaurants, which are €33, do not compare with other more expensive paper or electronic restaurant advertisements.
  11. Registering and advertising with AllRestaurants gives you a subscription to AllRestaurants Magazine, which is marked by:

- Targeted distribution to customers (individuals, companies, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, airlines, airports, transportation terminals, and official departments).

- The attractive design of both the magazine and the advertisements.

- Advertisement stay valid for a whole year since the magazine is issued in at least 10,000 copies biannually.

- Reasonable and competitive prices compared to the advertisement service.

- The tangible paper advertisement helps the advertisement to reach the largest number of potential customers.



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