Chef Mohamad Zaghal
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Mohamad aligns himself with clients who share the same zeal for food. The collaboration between enthusiastic clients and his consultation, always results in an outstanding food program and creates a buzz in the community, as he has previously experienced in KSA, Kuwait, Dubai, and Lebanon.

Research & Development
Concept Creation & Development

Market Study
Financial Study

Human Resources
Determine needs

Supply Chain
Determine Master Inventory
Ordering Schedule
Receiving Procedure
Storing and Physical Inventory

Restaurant Setup (Physical)
Restaurant, kitchen design in collaboration with reputable architects
Floor plan setup FOH
BOH & Production areas setup
Service ware & Cookware
POS system

Menu Setup
Oversee physical menu design
Recipes & Sub Recipes creation, testing and standardization
Creation of illustrated Standard Recipe Book
Create list of raw ingredients (Food Master Inventory)
Create list of approved ingredients and possible substitutes Kitchen Operating System (Prep production sheet, station schematics, station set-up sheet)

Staff Training (pre-opening training / follow up packages)
Menu’s recipes training (detailed production methods, procedures and photographs to ensure test kitchen consistency)
Food Handling and Safety Programming
Equipment Training 

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